MVP 15-1

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Team Roster

Team Roster

[table td1=”Name” td2=”Jersey #” td3=”Grade”] [td1] Andrew Ly[/td1] [td2] 12 [/td2] [td3] 10[/td3] [td1] Anmo Li [/td1] [td2] 26 [/td2] [td3] 9[/td3] [td1] Christopher Jin [/td1] [td2] 16 [/td2] [td3] 9[/td3] [td1] Damilola Showunmi [/td1] [td2] 8 [/td2] [td3] 9[/td3] [td1] Eli Turner [/td1] [td2]53 [/td2] [td3] 9[/td3] [td1] Hagan Yeoh [/td1] [td2]52 [/td2] [td3] 9[/td3] [td1] Jackson Beaver [/td1] [td2]59 [/td2] [td3] 9[/td3] [td1] JP Chin [/td1] [td2]84 [/td2] [td3] 9[/td3] [td1] Michael Wang [/td1] [td2]3 [/td2] [td3] 9[/td3] [td1] Nicholas Vo [/td1] [td2]23 [/td2] [td3] 9[/td3] [/table]

* denotes Practice Player

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Head Coach: Paul Chin
Assistant Coach: Patrick Chin
Assistant Coach: Matt Cho
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Practice Locations

Stone Mill Elementary School

14323 Stonebridge View Dr
North Potomac, MD 20878

Fox Chapel Elementary School

19315 Archdale Road
Germantown, MD 20876

Beall Elementary School

451 Beall Ave
Rockville, MD 20850

Fox Chapel Elementary School

19315 Archdale Road
Germantown, MD 20876

Whetstone Elementary School

19201 Thomas Farm Rd
Montgomery Village, MD 20886

Great Seneca Creek Elementary School

13010 Dairymaid Dr
Germantown, MD 20874

South Lake Elementary School

18201 Contour Rd
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Stedwick Elementary School

10631 Stedwick Rd
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Watkins Mill Elementary School

19001 Watkins Mill Rd
Montgomery Village, MD 20886

Robert Frost Middle School

9201 Scott Dr
Rockville, MD 20850

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Tournament Schedule

[table td1=”Tournament Name” td2=”Date” td3=”Location” td4=”Status”] [td1]The St. James Winter Invitational [/td1] [td2]Dec 15 [/td2] [td3]Springfield, VA [/td3] [td4]Confirmed [/td4] [td1]MDJRS Girls 14s [/td1] [td2]Jan 4 [/td2] [td3]MDJRS [/td3] [td4]Confirmed [/td4] [td1]Molten Can-Am [/td1] [td2]Jan 18-20 [/td2] [td3]Rochester NY [/td3] [td4]Confirmed [/td4] [td1]KRVA King of the Court [/td1] [td2]Feb 1 [/td2] [td3]Spooky Nook [/td3] [td4]Confirmed [/td4] [td1]Columbia Girls 14s [/td1] [td2]Feb 9 [/td2] [td3]North Laurel [/td3] [td4]Withdrawn [/td4] [td1]Boys Atlantic Northeastern Tournament [/td1] [td2]Feb 21-23[/td2] [td3]Harrisburg, PA[/td3] [td4]Confirmed[/td4] [td1]MVSA Girls 14s Invitational [/td1] [td2]Mar 1 [/td2] [td3]Katie Fitzgerald Center at Mary of Nazareth School [/td3] [td4]Withdrawn [/td4] [td1]Boys Regionals [/td1] [td2]Mar 8 [/td2] [td3]MDJRs [/td3] [td4]Confirmed [/td4] [td1]St James Spring Inv [/td1] [td2]Mar 22 [/td2] [td3]Springfield, VA [/td3] [td4]CANCELLED [/td4] [td1]GMU 2020 [/td1] [td2]Mar 29 [/td2] [td3]GMU [/td3] [td4]CANCELLED [/td4] [td1]RVC Stonebridge [/td1] [td2]Apr 18 [/td2] [td3]RVC [/td3] [td4]Registered [/td4] [td1]East Coast Championship [/td1] [td2]May 23-25 [/td2] [td3]Greater Richmond Convention Center [/td3] [td4]Registered [/td4] [td1]Boys Junior National Championship [/td1] [td2]Jun 26-30 [/td2] [td3]Reno-Sparks Convention Center [/td3] [td4]Registered [/td4] [/table] [/span12] [/row] [sm_hr]


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