Past Players

NameMVP YearsCollege
Mark Shayka2010-2013Lees-McRae College
Brandon Palmer2009-2013Loyola of Chicago / Marymount
Kyle Seeley2009-2013Juniata
Brendan Chang2008-2012MIT
Dainis Berzins2007-2011Loyola of Chicago
Cameron Palmer2007-2011Emmanuel
Aaron Russell132007-2011Penn State
Peter Russell2006-2010Penn State
Mikelis Berzins2005-2008Ohio State
Ryan Mullsteff2005-2008Loyola of Chicago
Matthew Schmidt2005-2008Juniata
Eric Lucas2003-2007George Mason
Armando Rosso2003-2007Juniata
David FitzgeraldLindenwood
David Lloyd2002-2006Villajulie
John Kessenich 2001-2005Vassar
William Price132001-2005George Mason/Penn State
Matt Fritz2001-2004Juniata
Kris Berzins2000-2006Loyola of Chicago
John Hutchinson1989-1990Princeton
Brett Hamilton1998-2001Ohio State
Tony Mazzullo11992-1995Penn State
Scott Metcalf21985-1987George Mason
Tom Rice 1985-1987George Mason
1 All-American
2 Participated in 1987 and 1989 Olympic festivals and on USA National team roster
3 Current USA National team roster